We are a teaching practice and participate in training GPs and Advanced Nurse Practitioners (ANPs). GP trainees are fully qualified doctors who are specialising in general practice. ANPs are Registered General Nurses who specialise in independent clinical practice within the GP team. Trainees may operate independently, but under the supervision of their trainer.

Training at the Yellow Medical Practice

Dr Fleming and Dr Tennick are both qualified trainers. You are likely to meet our young GPs or ANPs as they pass through and we hope you will enjoy helping them as they help you. We have also been involved with training medical students over the years.

GPs used to train by old fashioned apprenticeship. We still do, but it is now a lengthy and prescriptive process. After completing foundation training, GP trainees start specialist training and rotate through hospital and GP placements, typically over 3 years, to gain sufficient experience and expertise to become independent GPs. Trainees are supervised throughout and must complete a detailed log of their experiences and skills. They must be observed directly, submit video evidence and complete rigorous practical and written exams to succeed. You also have a say – they have to undertake a patient satisfaction questionnaire.

Click here here for a short video on training in Scotland.

Current Trainees


Dr Clare Toner

Trainee GP

Dr Clare Toner joined us in August 2020 for her first ST1 post. She moved on to hospital training in February 2021 and has returned from Aug 2022 for her final year.


Dr Katherine Watson

Trainee GP

Dr Katherine Watson joined us in February 2023 for her first ST1 post.


Laura Scanlon

Trainee ANP

Laura Scanlon RGN has been with us since October 2021 and will complete her training in the summer of 2023 allowing her to practice as an indepedent Advance Nure Practitioner.

The GP Trainee journey


Provisional registration with GMC


Foundation Year 1 (‘FY1’)

Foundation Year 2 (‘FY2’)

Full registration with GMC



6m GP placement (6m in hospital)

36 hours Out of Hours commitment

e-Portfolio log

Video assessments

Quality Improvement Project

Patient survey questionnaire

Multisource feedback (colleagues and staff)

Biannual trainer report


12m hospital placement

e-Portfolio log

Case vignettes

Biannual trainer report


12m GP placement

72 hours Out of Hours commitment

e-Portfolio log

Video assessments & case vignettes

Prescribing assessment

Quality improvement activity

Leadership activity

Patient survey questionnaire

Multisource feedback (colleagues and staff)

Biannual trainer report


‘AKT’ – applied knowledge test (written paper)

‘RCA’ – recorded clinical assessment (traditionally a clinical exam in London with simulated patients and scenarios – now a video submission in view of Covid-19)

Certificate of Completion of Specialist Training (CCST) – GP!

We are proud of how we’re made!