Are you considering surgery or cosmetic procedures abroad?

We have seen a significant increase in the number of patients returning from abroad following private surgery and requesting follow up treatment, medication or tests from the GP Practice.

The most recent guidance received from Scottish Government advises:

  • While the NHS in Scotland will always provide emergency care where necessary, all routine pre and post-operative care should be part of the package of care purchased by the individual patient.
  • There will be no obligation on NHS Boards to provide such routine care.

Please ensure you have adequate pre or post-operative care agreed within the package sold by your overseas provider.

Yellow Medical Practice is unable to carry out any such requests under the terms of our NHS contract.

Weigh Loss Surgery

Bariatric (weight loss) surgery is recognized as the most clinically and cost-effective treatment for people with severe and complex obesity. It is available through our Specialist Weight Management Service, but subject to strict inclusion criteria. This is because it is a high cost, high risk intervention best offered to patients most likely to benefit from it and least likely to suffer unnecessary harm.

The Greater Glasgow & Clyde programme offers advice on diet, nutrition and physical activity underpinned by psychological theory in order to support patients with long-term lifestyle change. Certain weight-based goals must to be achieved through these means alone before surgery will be considered by an expert panel. Those who receive surgery can expect an extensive 2 year follow package involving individual and group appointments as well as membership of a patient support group.

Many people presenting for surgery have pre-existing low vitamin and mineral concentrations. The incidence of these may increase after bariatric surgery. Therefore, preparation for surgery and long-term nutritional monitoring and follow-up are essential components of bariatric surgical care.

If you wish to discuss your eligibility for NHS support in weight loss, please make a routine appointment with your GP or visit:

Private Surgery
Bariatric surgery is also available privately and there is a significant trend for UK nationals seeking surgery abroad, notably in Turkey. We regret that patients do not appear to be properly counselled before their procedure and are often discharged to the UK with the expectation of full and ongoing aftercare through the NHS. This is NOT the case.

Guidance from the Scottish Government states that, while we will continue to provide emergency care where necessary, all routine pre and post-operative care should be part of the package purchased by the individual patient and WILL NOT be provided by the practice.

We recommend that you take this into account BEFORE you undertake surgery and ensure you have appropriate arrangements in place for post-operative tests, reviews or medication.