Online Services

You can now access a variety of services online without having to phone or visit the surgery.

Terms & Conditions
  • Because we are providing access to sensitive information we require identification.
  • You will be given a brief copy of these extended terms & conditions alongside a separate letter generated by our computer system containing personalised registration details and instructions on how to access and manage your account.
  • Registration details must be used within 2 weeks or they will expire and you will need to re-apply – the date of expiry will be printed on your registration letter.
  • You will also need to re-apply if you lose or forget your sign-in details.
  • Once registered, you will be able to access your account through your computer, tablet or via the ‘Patient Access’ mobile app.
  • Anyone over 16 may register in their own right.
  • Parents may apply on behalf of children or young people under 16.
  • If you would prefer/need someone else to manage your account for you, please arrange to see the doctor with the person you would like to help so that it can be arranged.
  • If you can’t speak English well enough to consult the doctor without an interpreter, or can’t bring someone with you to help interpret, this service may not be appropriate. Our staff are happy to help arrange appointments with an interpreter in the usual way.
  • A selection of 10 minute appointments with Drs Chalmers, Stephens, Fleming, Tennick & Robertson will be available to book on-line each day and for 4 weeks in advance.
  • ‘Book on the day’ web appointments will be released at 0800 each morning at the same time as the phones go live to avoid unfair advantage.
  • ‘Bookable in advance’ web appointments can be reserved at any time.
  • Once the ‘web quota’ has been exhausted for that session, remaining appointments can only be accessed in the conventional way – you will only be able to browse ‘web appointments’ on-line.
  • At present it is not possible to book appointments on-line for the Practice Nurse or Health Care Assistant.
  • House-calls and telephone consultations cannot be booked on-line and nor can special clinics such as diabetic clinic or wart clinic.
  • If you book an appointment that you no longer need, please cancel your appointment as soon as possible.
  • Patients may also use this system to view and request medications.
  • The freetext box within ‘Repeat Prescribing’ should only be used for messages associated with your request, eg ‘please send to Clan Hardgate pharmacy’, or ‘ordering early as away on holiday for 2 weeks 1st June’ – messages will be received by admin staff who may send you a message if further clarification is required.
  • We advise that you check the status of repeat requests and make sure they have been issued before attempting to collect your script from us or medication from your pharmacy.
  • All pre-existing systems for booking appointments or ordering medication will continue alongside the on-line system, including ordering medication through this website.
  • You can update personal health information like smoking status, email or mobile phone number through your account.
  • Terms and conditions may change from time to time at the discretion of the Partners.
  • The Practice reserves the right to remove on-line access if a person appears to be misusing the system.

Online services offered

  • Booking and cancelling appointments (CURRENTLY SUSPENDED)
  • Ordering repeat prescriptions

Our online services are quick, easy and convenient to use from a smartphone, tablet or computer.

They will save you time and help you take more control of your health, particularly if you have any long-term medical conditions which require regular monitoring and prescriptions.

Complete the online form – Patient only

To reduce footfall to the Practice the recommended method of registering for online service is by submitting your information online.

Please note: if you wish to register for online services, to access your repeat prescriptions, appointments etc., you are also required to provide evidence of your ID, which you can upload on our online form. Once this has been verified, we will issue the necessary documentation for online services, within seven working days or more. Please note we look closely at all applications for access to make sure they are genuine. Access can also be withdrawn at any time if there are concerns about patient confidentiality. If you are unable to use the online form please contact the Practice for advice.

Please note that each family member requires an individual log in and password therefore a separate registration. This service is only available for patients aged 16 or over.  

Proxy access

If you are the parent of any children under the age of 12 you will need to fill in a ‘proxy’ access form to view their details. You can also grant access to a carer if you wish. Further information about Proxy Access

Patient Access Video Tutorials

Please note some of these services may not yet be available at the Practice. Please check with reception.

Tools and apps

List of self-management tools and apps that have been developed or approved by NHS Scotland.

The Patient Responsibility

You understand that it is your responsibility to keep your contact details updated and that you are responsible for the safety and security of your personal registration details for online services. You also understand that you can withdraw consent at any time by simply notifying the Practice in writing.

  • Where access is granted to your registration details such as PIN, Practice ID, Access ID and CHI number will be sent via post or given in person.
  • The Email address must be specific to the person making the request. It cannot be a shared account.
  • Patient with a history of non-attendance at pre-booked appointments without cancelling will not normally be granted access to online appointment booking.
  • Online appointments booked are to be cancelled by the patient as soon as it is determined it is no longer required.
  • The Practice will not allow misuse of the online system and will monitor usage by individual patients. Where it is considered that a patient is misusing the system or is acting in a way detrimental a warning letter will be issued. Where the situation does not improve, or recurs, access will be removed permanently and without further notice at the discretion of the Partners. This will not affect your registration with the Practice.
  • On approval request for online access you will be given access and instructions.
  • Requests for reissue of access log-in details will be sent via post to the patients registered address or in person.
  • The status of repeat prescriptions requests should be checked online to confirm they have been prescribed before collecting any medications from the Pharmacy especially if requesting a item not on your repeat prescription record. 

Abuse of the Online System

Abuse of the system includes, but is not exclusive to the following:

  • Sending needless or abusive messages to the Practice
  • Repeatedly booking and cancelling appointments 
  • Repeatedly booking appointments over a short period of time
  • Booking appointments and not attending them 
  • Any offensive or abusive messages through the service 
  • Requesting prescriptions that you do not need.


We take the security of your information very seriously. Our clinical systems provider ensures that the information you provide when using the online services portal is protected. All communications with the web site are encrypted, using the same high security that major banks use for their internet transactions (128 bit SSL). Only you can see the personal information you enter.

Using the most up-to-date version of your web browser also improves security of information. Remember to close the browser after use, especially if someone else could access your computer.