Manage Your Weight

Maintaining a healthy weight or losing some weight has real health benefits. Losing just 5kg (11 lbs) could lower your blood pressure and cholesterol levels and may improve your mobility and reduce aches and pains!

Physiotherapy (MSK)

An MSK (musculoskeletal) physiotherapist can provide expert assessment and advice to help you manage pain, disability and injury to your joints, muscles or spine. Please note: due to the high volume of referrals the service receives we do not send out letters acknowledging that we have received your referral.
0141 347 8909 - to cancel or change your appointment

Musculoskeletal (MSK) Services

This service can help by: finding out if you need to see a doctor, providing key information and advice to help with your problem, referring you to a physiotherapist or podiatrist if you need it.

NHS 24 MSK Help app

The NHS 24 MSK Help app was developed with the help of Scottish patients, doctors, MSK therapists, pharmacists and employment services. The information contained in this app is linked to muscle, bone and joint self-management information on NHS inform.